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Systems & Processes

Systems are an important part of any organization, or organism.  God apparently had a system for creation, and everything He created has systems in it, and around it.  I couldn’t type this if a bunch of the systems in my body weren’t functioning correctly. 

Processes make up a system.  Wikipedia says a process is "a naturally occurring or designed sequence of changes of properties or attributes of an object or system."  Interesting that it notes that it can be naturally occurring or designed

I think creating healthy systems with clear processes is an extremely important but incredibly challenging task for the church.  At CCC we’re working hard at creating and fine tuning our systems across the board.  Currently I’m documenting all the systems we have in Children’s Ministry and what processes support them.  Some were designed, some naturally occurred, but they all need to be at their best. 

I’m a novice at this and creating and fine tuning systems is very difficult for me.  I just know how much I like working within great systems, but creating and managing them is another deal all together.  Over the next week I’ll write about the 4 qualities I think every system needs in order to be great.