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Great systems are effective.  Seems obvious enough, doesn’t it?  But, as I mentioned in the first post about this, some systems happen naturally, without planning – almost by accident.  Most of the time those systems aren’t as effective as they can possibly be, they’re as effective as they needed to be in order to get by. 

Effective systems essentially go unnoticed.  In fact, the credit for how well something works typically goes to other things involved (people, leaders, ideas, products).  In most cases those things are a part of the success, and some of the people probably created the system, but it’s the system itself that has created the success.  Effective systems result in things happening the way you want them to, without having to put a lot of effort into forcing them happen that way. 

It’s not whether your have a system or not, it’s whether you have an effective system or not.  A system always exists, but great ones are effective because they produce the desired result rather than something else that wasn’t planned on.