As usual, the Orange Conference was excellent. I learned a lot and came home with about 11 action steps to take based on what I learned. I recorded the ideas I had and I set a reminder to come back to them in 2 weeks to put a plan into place for implementing each idea. The only reason I set a reminder was because my 2 weeks are swamped right now, and I know I won’t get to it until then.

Here are some of my Orange Conference highlights:

  • My #1 highlight always surrounds the people. We took 7 other people from our church and 2 from a partner church and I had a great time experiencing the conference with them.
  • I also had great conversations with a number of leaders including David Lyons, Dan Scott, Jon & Gina Napier, Bre Hallberg, Carey Nieuwhof, Sean Seay, Tom Pounder, Mike Kelly, Nina Schmidgall, Jenilee LeFors and others.
  • Craig Groeschel preached a great message on Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
  • Jim Wideman reminded me of the importance of giving people shots at leading at higher levels, even if they’re not sure if they can do it, or want to do it. It’s an experiment so there aren’t any huge expectations.
  • Tony Morgan was one of the best conference workshop speakers I’ve ever had. I’ve followed his blog for 5+ years, read most of his books and talked to him in person but this was the first time I’ve really seen him present or teach. He had helpful, practical content and engaging┬ápresentation.
  • The importance of leveraging social media was talked about multiple times. Our church does this pretty well but we can definitely improve. I have ideas of how we can do this.
  • Andy Stanley’s talk about mutual submission on staff was killer. I’ve already heard him say most of it before, but he did add a lot more pointed things specifically to senior ministers who think they’re “anointed”. It was hilarious and convicting.
  • Like every year, the music was amazing. I love the song parodies that are done to pay tribute to specific groups of people in church.

What were your highlights?