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Structure is critical to the success of any organization, and the church is no different. In the Bible we see Moses restructure at the advice of his father-in-law, in order to better accomplish what God has called him to do.

Staff structure in the church can be a difficult thing to figure out. I’ve written some about it before, but I want to get your input as it relates specifically to children’s ministry staff.

Every church is different, as structure has to support the mission and strategy of the church. But, I think we can learn from each other in terms of what a good staff-to-kid ratio might be in children’s ministry. A couple good pieces of wisdom I’ve seen related to staff ratios include:

How about you?

From now until July 25 (extended) I’ll be collecting data from churches regarding their staff-to-kid ratio, as well as staff-to-volunteer, and volunteer-to-kid. I would really appreciate your input as well. More input will lead to better analysis. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Fill out this survey to include your church’s data:
  2. Forward that link on to other churches you know of.
  3. Tweet/Facebook about it. Use Twitter hashtags like #kidmin, #thinkorange & #cmconnect to reach the broadest audience.

Thanks for your input. I’ll post the results here, as well as email anyone who is interested in receiving them.

UPDATE: View the results here