Two weeks ago we completely redesigned our environment where elementary kids meet on Sunday mornings and students meet on Sunday nights. I called it the Stage Move Project, but that title was woefully lacking in terms of just how much was actually moved, changed, created, installed, fixed, repaired, re-created, etc. (pictures below)

Why do all of that?

Good question, and it’s one I asked myself a few times during the process! There are multiple reasons, including better small group space, better feel (everyone is closer to the stage), better backstage space, and upgrades in audio/video. Those are the specific benefits, but at the end of the day, it’s all because environment matters.

With kids, great environments captivate their minds, open their hearts, make them laugh or smile, and all of that helps them feel welcomed and excited. For parents, a great environment reassures them about the safety of their kids, the quality of the program, and it brings them joy when their child is excited about church.┬áMany of us didn’t get that as kids.

Why People Return, or Not, to a Church They Visit

When asked why people return to a church they visited, the top 2 reasons are preaching/preacher and music/worship. However, 2 of their top 3 reasons for not returning include children’s ministry and the cleanliness/organization of the environments. Children’s ministry can certainly be a reason folks show up to church, as word spreads about the experience people have, but we really want it to be a reason people return once they have experienced it.

Irresistible Environments

The folks at North Point Community Church are known for creating irresistible environments and they say there are 3 keys to creating them:

  • Appealing Context
  • Engaging Presentation
  • Helpful Content

Shifting around our environment has hopefully made our context more appealing, and some of the changes were implemented to also help us engage more in our presentation. It was a long, long, grueling process but we’ve already seen the benefits and momentum it has created. Check out a few pictures below.