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New Study Shows Parents Are More Influential Than Schools in Academic Success

A new study written on the EdWeek Blog found that parents have more of an impact on their child’s academic success than the schools their kids are part of. Here’s a great quote from that study:

“The effort that parents are putting in at home in terms of checking homework, reinforcing the importance of school, and stressing the importance of academic achievement is ultimately very important to their children’s academic achievement,” Dr. Toby Parcel, professor of sociology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. and a co-author of the study, told Education Week.

Faith is No Different

You could change up the title of this post to “New Study Shows Parents Are More Influential Than Churches in Kid’s Spiritual Growth”. There are plenty of studies that have suggested as much, but anyone who has served in the church long enough knows this is true just from observing it.

In the study you find that parents were asked about specific things they do, or don’t do, at home to support their child. You can substitute that list with some things that help grow a child’s faith and it would have the same affect:

  • Does the parent talk about what their child is learning at church?
  • Does the parent attend events designed for them?
  • Does the parent pray with their child?
  • Does the parent read the Bible with their child?
  • How often does the parent talk about faith with their child?

What else would you add?