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Examples of Our Volunteer Emails Using MailChimp

A couple weeks ago I posted 6 tips for communicating with volunteers over email. One of the tips was to use MailChimp for mass emails to volunteers (or attenders, parents, anyone). I thought it might be helpful for you to see some of the emails we send through MailChimp. Our graphics guy created most of the headers, and that was used to shape the rest of the design using MailChimp’s templates.

Click on the images to see the full email.

To Elementary Volunteers

Discovery Island MailChimp Email

To Student Ministry Parents

Student Ministry MailChimp Email

To Preschool Volunteers

Preschool Ministry MailChimp Email

To All Parents

Parent Event MailChimp Email

To Elementary Parents

KidStuf MailChimp Email

  • I know you said to use MailChimp for all mass emails. What is it in particular about it that you like? Do you utilize the fact that it shows who views your emails or are there other features that convinced you that it was a valuable resource?

    • Hey Mike,

      I like it mostly for the professional look, and the ability to have the graphics and colors in there. I like the analytics about who views it (especially link clicks), but I don’t always trust the number of “opens”. I also like the subscribe form and having one central place for our email database.

      It definitely takes more work to craft emails in MailChimp, but I think it’s worth it for the look.

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