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We Moved, and I’m Proud of Our Church (@cccwhitemarsh) – The People


In the previous post I shared the backstory about our church moving into our new space and all of the issues that came with it. In the end, the build-out took twice as long as was planned, and I couldn’t even begin to convey the amount of challenges and frustrations we faced along the way. Through it all, I was proud of so many people for a multitude of reasons. Here are some, in no particular order.

I’m proud of

  • Our God, for using us to reach people who are not a part of any church and blessing us with great facilities and resources to do it.
  • CakeOur staff, for their endless ability to adapt and change to accommodate so many curveballs. See the cake on the right, which was out at the Grand Opening, for a comical idea of how often plans had to change.
  • Our elders, for praying for, caring for, guiding and guarding our church along the way.
  • Our attenders, who gave sacrificially during a 2-year generosity initiative that enabled us to purchase the building and renovate it.
  • Mike, an elder who ran point on the project and worked full-time/overtime to make it happen. He owns and operates his own business, so it’s not like he had plenty of time to dedicate to this project, but he did. He outworked us all.
  • Our volunteers, for making Saturday night services the best they could be by taking on additional responsibilities.
  • John, an elder who is insanely gifted at creating and building just about anything really, but especially gifted with metal work. In his day job he leads a staff that builds a number of cool machines, including a Grit Blast, Vacuum and Recycle unit used to clean things like bridges by shooting grit at high speeds, vacuuming it up, and recycling it to use over and over. One unit can be over 10 tons and power 8 operators at a time.
  • CCCLobby8009Jo Ann, who led the charge for the design of the entire space. The incredible look of the space is to her credit, along with the countless hours shopping, choosing, re-choosing, adjusting, and everything involved with bringing it to life. Many people have asked if they can get her to design their home, and for good reason.
  • Our pastor, David Robinson, for leading us through everything and bearing the weight of it all. That burden was shared for sure, but I know enough to know that only lead pastors understand the true burden they carry.
  • Fork Christian Church, for allowing us to meet in their space on Saturday nights. They were amazing hosts.
  • Bill, an elder who is also insanely gifted at creating and building things, and helped make a number of important pieces throughout the building that really create the environment.
  • PreschoolStageDebi, an amazing artist and volunteer who created our entire Preschool decor to match the videos from the curriculum we use, My First Look. Debi has basically worked part-time at the new space for the past few months.
  • Adam, our Executive Minister, for using his gifts as a leader and manager to keep us on point while navigating the ever-changing landscape.
  • Our part-time staff who have worked full-time+ in recent weeks to get us in the building and make it home.
  • Mountain Christian Church, for continued support in a bunch of different ways.
  • Sue, a Preschool volunteer who runs point on our curriculum, resources and room setup all geared towards maximizing the time we have with preschoolers.
  • Volunteers who came out a number of times to help paint, move in, put things together, and anything else that needed to be done to get the room ready. I think of Debbie who came out just about every time we asked, which was usually last minute because of how it worked out.
  • Lisa, our Elementary Director who is an environment-guru (see Ready Set Sunday) and helped make our elementary space irresistible like she always does.
  • Melissa, our Preschool Director who is a great delegator and gets it done early and well. Seth Godin talks about the importance of shipping, meaning the importance of action, progress, and delivering on time. Melissa ships.
  • Gracie, our Children & Student Team Admin who has been on maternity leave since May 1, but you wouldn’t know it because all the work she did to help us continue operating as well as get in the building is still showing up today as if she’s in the office.
  • Susan, our staff person who handles all of our communication. When you meet on Saturday nights at a different church, then not at all for a while, and you’re week-to-week, you really rely on communication through email, blogs, and social media. Susan made that happen.
  • Attenders who gave financially even when we weren’t meeting. Giving in May was about the same or more than previous months despite not having a service. I’m proud of how they responded.
  • WarehouseChris, our Student Ministry Associate, who is gifted at creating and building, and helped make the Warehouse (for children & students) awesome. 3 screens, 3 projectors, a lighting truss, tons of cable runs, all done by Chris.
  • Attenders who invited friends and family to one of the past 2 weeks. We’re all about reaching people who are not a part of any church, and inviting is the number one way people get there.
  • Volunteers, who create the experience each week and care for people over everything else.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of people, but there’s a snapshot of all the people I’m proud of and why. I’ll finish by saying how proud and thankful I am for my wife, and for all the staff and volunteer’s spouses, who helped out and enabled us to do what had to be done. Check out the video below for some highlights of the Grand Opening.

Grand Opening Video

[vimeo 98081926 w=550]