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3 Types of Follow Up Needed After Volunteer Training Events

This post is part of a series on 7 Keys to an Effective Volunteer Training System.

In the previous post I wrote about the best way to encourage volunteers to attend training events. The personal invite on the front end is critical, but follow up after events is important as well. There are 3 different types of follow up we have used after training events, with different purposes for each.

Follow Up With Attenders

One follow up needed is with those who attended the training. The purpose of this follow up is to thank them for attending, provide notes for what was covered, and point to anything you may have asked them to do coming out of the meeting.

Follow Up With Those Who Missed (but RSVP’d)

No matter how great your volunteer trainings are, everyone isn’t going to show up. There will always be legitimate reasons why people can’t attend. These will be the folks who RSVP and say they won’t be able to attend, but you’ll also have people who RSVP “yes”, but they let you know last minute they won’t be able to attend. The purpose of follow up here is to fill them in on everything they missed and let them know they were missed.

Follow Up With Those Who Didn’t RSVP

300Unfortunately you’ll usually have volunteers who don’t RSVP at all, despite even asking them personally if they plan to attend. The purpose of following up with them is to find out what was going on. In our case, we don’t share information about what happened at the training with our first follow up with them. We simply contact them and let them know they were missed, and ask if everything is okay. Once we hear from them and hear what happened, then we can follow up like we would with information from the meeting.

Follow up is important in volunteer trainings because it allows us to re-communicate what was shared and let people know they were missed. If people don’t think they’re missed, they’ll continue to miss out on training events you plan.

What does your follow up system look like?