Too Many Volunteers?

One time I was at a ministry conference, sitting in a breakout on volunteers, and there was an interesting moment. Most people in the room were looking for ways to grow their volunteer base, but one guy raised his hand and basically said he had too many volunteers and needed help assimilating him. Then…


In that moment, you could feel 90% of the room giving him the “mean face” as I say my son does when he’s making faces. That guy became unpopular real quick, and it was like he had no idea the room was ready cast him out.

For Everyone Else

356For the rest of us, we all would love to see our volunteer base grow. We’d love to grow the volunteer teams at our church by 10%, 25%, or maybe even 50% or more. Here are some obvious benefits from growing your volunteer base:

  • More people to serve and minister to people in your church, and new people you see each week.
  • More people to handle the workload, allowing people who are doing too much to scale back.
  • New volunteers benefit from the spiritual growth that comes from serving.
  • New volunteers benefit from the connection that can take place with those they serve with.
  • The ability to work on new projects, ideas, or events because more people are available.
  • The ability to work “on it”, instead of just in it, with more volunteers available to shoulder the load.
  • More people who are “owners”, and not just “renters”, and help carry the vision of your church. (For more on that reference and idea, buy this book when it releases.)
  • More people who open themselves to be used by God and discover their gifts and purpose in the process.

There are a ton of benefits to growing your volunteer base, and I’m sure I missed a ton here. But, there’s one that seemed obvious, yet wasn’t to me at first. I’ll share that in the next post.

What benefits of growing the volunteer team am I missing?