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3 Unique Reasons I’m Excited About Going to the Orange Conference

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time would not be surprised to hear I’m excited about the Orange Conference. I go every year, and I love it every year. I’m always excited about the Orange Conference, and usually for the same reasons:

  • Helpful content
  • Amazing production
  • Great networking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Talk to friends I only see at Orange, including…
  • The all-star team of Orange staff
  • Atlanta traffic

However, I’m especially excited this year for 3 unique reasons:

Reason 1: The Phase Project

It’s the theme of the conference, It’s Just a Phase, and so much more. The Phase Project is something Kristen Ivy and a ton of folks at Orange have been working on a for a while and will really benefit churches. It’s all about the reality that kids go through multiple phases from birth through college, and all of them are unique. We all understand that, and strategize around that, but Orange will help all of us understand it even more. I can’t wait.

Reason 2: Our Whole Team is Going

It’s not the first time our entire team has attended, but it’s not usually the case. This year it is, and that always makes things better. I love the conversations we have, the connections they make, and all the fun we have together throughout our time there. If you get anything helpful from this blog then you benefit from them, and I’d love to connect you in person.

Reason 3: We’re Going to the YouLead Pre-Conference

While I’ve been to almost every Orange Conference, I have almost never been to the pre-conference. I’m excited to get there this year. Pre-conference is always a good time to network since there is more time and space for interaction. Networking is at the top of my list in terms of reasons I attend any conference, and the pre-conference time is perfect for that.

Are you going?

If so, we’d love to connect while we’re there.