I’m at the Orange Conference this week, and I’m blogging notes from breakouts and main sessions. Here are my notes on the pre-conference breakout entitled…

Developing a Weekly Plan to Become a Better NextGen Leader

John Huber

  • Matthew 4 – Jesus calls us to be part of his mission, and he will “make you fishers of men”.
  • Revisit our call to his mission often. Go to the place where you first felt that call.
  • We need to make a plan with action steps.
  • We need to invite others to speak into our lives.

Cindy Fiala

  • Ask questions. “Good questions inform. Great questions transform.” – John Maxwell
  • Am I genuinely interested in others?
  • Am I humble?
  • Am I adding value to my team? Is my team better because I showed up?
  • Am I investing my time in my best people?
  • Be intentional with my own relationship with Christ.
  • Know your why and lead from that.

Frank Bealer

  • Balance doesn’t exist.
  • Think integration, not balance. Make Jesus the center.
  • Use this phrase to make exceptions, unplanned things that take your time, more integrated:
    When this… (i.e. When I have to spend a night out in a meeting)
    Then that… (i.e.  Then I take the morning off and spend it with my kids)

My Ideas for Action Items