BIG Announcement Coming on Monday!

This coming Monday there will be a big announcement on the blog! It’s a project I’ve been working on for some time and it’s now ready to launch. My goal is the same as always, to help leaders maximize their church’s potential. I seek to do that in multiple ways, including this blog, sharing resources like the 30 Apps, or in helping churches through speaking, consulting or at the executive leadership level with the proven Church StratOp process.

The New Addition

I love all of those things, but I’m really excited about this new addition for many reasons.

  1. It will provide something new and fresh that none of other things provide.
  2. It’s free, whereas a number of the options above require a financial investment many churches and leaders can’t make.
  3. It will provide a better opportunity to hear from you and give you what you need most.
  4. It’s going to help me and my church. (one selfish one is okay, right?)
  5. It’s new, and I happen to like new. (okay, make that two)

Subscribers Already Know

Everyone who subscribes to the blog already knows what’s coming, but they’re keeping it under wraps. If you want to be in on early announcements of resources and new things to come, you can subscribe using the 30 Apps form to the right or at the bottom of this post. That will just subscribe you to updates from time to time.

If you want to get new posts by email each week, and you might after the announcement, that’s separate and you can subscribe to that here.

Can You Help?

When it is announced on Monday, can you help spread the word? The more people that get involved the better it will be, so I appreciate you being willing to share it with your networks.