Episode 044: Core Values for Family Ministry Leadership With John Huber

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In this episode, I interview John Huber. We talk about the values that he and his family ministry team utilize, and how they these values help them create a great culture.

John Huber

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Westside Family Church

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Good to Great (book) – Jim Collins explores why some companies make the leap from good to great while others don’t

If (book)- Mark Batterson encourages followers of Christ to overcome their doubts and fears and live accordingly to the reality that if God is for them, no one can stand against them

The Advantage (book) – Patrick Lencioni dives into the roots of organizational dysfunction and gives practical advice on how to achieve a healthy staff culture

West Side Church Family Ministry Leadership Values

  1. Leadership: We choose to love first and lead second, but always do both
  2. Risk: We have a big God, so we take big risks and trust Him for big results
  3. Effort: We work hard, give our best, and put family first
  4. Team: We want to take the hill, and we want to take it together
  5. Attitude: We live on the solution side of every issue
  6. Sober-minded: We know who we are and who we’re not and we do what is best for the whole
  7. Outsiders: We exist for those who are not here yet
  8. Model: Follow me as I follow Jesus

Making Values a Part of Your Culture

  1. Review one value in each weekly or biweekly leadership meetings
  2. Write them into the leadership training manual
  3. Host quarterly trainings with leaders where you can repeat and emphasize the values
  4. Provide videos and other quick forms of review

Action Items

  1. Create a list of values for your family ministry team
  2. Develop a plan for regularly incorporating these values into conversations and meetings

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