I want to help church leaders maximize their church’s potential and coaching is one way I can do that. My experience comes from serving on the staff leadership team at Community Christian Church, leading our family ministry, doing ministry consulting with churches, and networking with tons of ministry leaders in churches of all sizes. I’ve learned a lot from those experiences, and like so many have done for me, I want to share whatever I can if it helps other churches.

The focus can be on family ministry, children’s ministry, student ministry, or ministry leadership in general. The process is the same in all cases, and here’s what it looks like, what I can offer, and the cost involved.

The Process

Suvey & Assessment

You’ll complete an in-depth survey about your church, designed to assess overall health. You’ll also complete a number of personal assessments to determine spiritual gifts, personality profile, etc. We’ll have a follow up phone call to talk through everything. The goal will be to help me get to know you and give me a clear picture of your church/ministry.

Choose 3-6 Areas to Focus On

We’ll decide which areas to focus on and build the coaching plan to address those areas. We will focus on one area each month, and our time will be spent on training and implementing ideas that will help benefit your ministry. The best training is hands on, so the whole approach is driven by producing.

Below is a list of areas to focus on, but you’re not limited what’s listed here:

  • Strategy – Developing a comprehensive plan to help accomplish your mission.
  • Volunteer Structure & Roles – Creating a volunteer structure that best serves your ministries.
  • Volunteer Recruiting & Training – Making a plan for volunteer assimilation and development.
  • Leadership – Leading through staff and/or volunteers to accomplish more.
  • Communication – Communicating with volunteers, children, students & parents with a consistent plan through multiple avenues for the greatest reach.
  • Curriculum – Implementing curriculum and/or teaching plans in a sustainable way.
  • Environment/Decor – Creating an appealing context in your ministry environments (with the help of Lisa Molite).
  • Event Planning – Implementing an event planning system that can be used for every event.
Set Schedule & Begin Coaching

Once we pick a date to begin, each month will include:

  • Weekly phone calls (30 min) to train and talk through action items.
  • Regular email access throughout the month.
  • Weekly homework.
  • Evaluation at the end of the month along with a long-term plan for continued growth.
3 & 6 Month Follow Up

We’ll schedule two follow up calls at 3 months and 6 months after coaching has ended to review progress and talk about any issues that came up since the last conversation.

The Cost

3 Months
per month
6 Months
per month