I want to help church leaders maximize their church’s potential. The best way I can help your church is to walk you through the Church StratOpTM process. In addition to that process I can help in specific ways through customized consulting. However, Church StratOpTM will do far more than any specific consulting can provide.

In consulting we can focus on family ministry overall, children’s ministry, student ministry, or church-wide. The process is the same in all cases, and here’s what it looks like, what I can offer, and the cost involved.

The Process

Suvey & Assessment

You’ll complete an in-depth survey about your church, designed to assess overall health. We’ll have a follow up phone call to talk through the survey and discuss how I can help. The goal will be to give me a clear picture of the church and identify areas you would like to improve.

Schedule Onsite Visit

We will choose a date for the onsite visit. Usually this would span two days, one of which could be a Sunday if you would like me to observe your services, programs and environments.

Volunteer Training Event – Optional Add-on for $500

In addition to the onsite consulting visit, I can speak at a volunteer training event if you choose. We would choose the topic based on what would help your team the most. I can also provide supplemental ideas to make the training event more engaging, including ideas for themes, decor, games and marketing.

Determine Schedule & Make Arrangements

We’ll decide which areas to focus on and build the schedule to address those areas. This will include scheduling meetings with appropriate staff and volunteers. We’ll make final arrangements and carry out the onsite visit. It will be a busy 2 days full of meetings, conversations, dreaming and strategizing. I’ll ask tons of questions and take a lot of notes during that time.

Executive Summary & Follow Up Call

Within 2-3 weeks after the visit I’ll deliver an executive summary with my observations, recommendations and action steps I believe you should take. We’ll schedule a follow up call to talk through that summary. The call would be 60-90 minutes.

3 & 6 Month Follow Up

We’ll schedule two follow up calls at 3 months and 6 months to review progress and talk about any issues along the way.

What I Can Offer

If I can help by providing children’s ministry consulting or student ministry consulting, let’s talk. My strengths are in the following areas:

  • Leadership – Team building, coaching, leadership development, staffing.
  • Strategy – Curriculum, volunteering, long term planning, space issues, partnering with parents and the relationship between the children’s/student ministry and the church.
  • Systems – Systems include volunteer recruiting, volunteer development and care, curriculum implementation, coaching, large group production, small groups for kids/students, family production.
  • Structure – Staff structure and roles, volunteer structures and roles, facilities and usage, finances.
  • Communication – With volunteers and parents including all forms (face-to-face, phone, email, mailings, website, Facebook and other social media, etc).
  • Decor/Environments – This is where I would invite an expert at creating environments, Lisa Molite, to help out. Lisa and I have created tons of environments together and I’d love to help you benefit from her experience.

The Cost

Without Volunteer Event
+travel & expenses
With Volunteer Event
+travel & expenses