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One thing I love about the church landscape today is a lot of collaboration and sharing among churches. Free church resources are available from a number of different places, and unlike in the past, the quality is really good (depending on the source). I try to give away as much as I can and you can find everything I give away on the Resources Page.

Below is a list of free children’s ministry resources, youth ministry resources, and resources for your entire church.

Free Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s Ministry Online Vault: childrensministryonline.com/vault/

Kidology Open Source Curriculum: kidology.org/opensource

Church Leaders Free Resources for Children’s Ministry Leaders: churchleaders.com/children/free-resources-childrens-ministry

Ministry to Children: ministry-to-children.com

The Meeting House Kids: kidsandyouth.themeetinghouse.com

Free Children’s Ministry Curriculum: childrens-ministry-deals.com/collections/free-childrens-ministry-curriculum

Free Curriculum From Corinne: kidmincorinne.com

Free Curriculum and Resources for Kidmin: futureflyingsaucers.com

VBS Training and Resources: thebestvbs.com

Free Youth Ministry Resources

Stuff You Can Use: stuffyoucanuse.org

Grow Curriculum: growcurriculum.org

The Source 4 Youth Ministry: thesource4ym.com

The Meeting House Youth: kidsandyouth.themeetinghouse.com

Church Leaders Free Resources for Youth Ministry Leaders: churchleaders.com/youth/free-resources-youth-leaders

YouthMinistry360 Free Stuff: youthministry360.com/free-stuff

YouthMinistry.com Free Library: youthministry.com/freebie-library/

Ministry to Youth Free Youth Group Lessons: ministrytoyouth.com/youth-group-lessons/

Dare 2 Share Free Youth Leader Stuff: dare2share.org/products-resources/free-youth-leader-stuff/

Free Church Resources (Church-wide)

12Stone Resources for Church Leaders: resources.12stone.com

Inside North Point: insidenorthpoint.org

Elevation Church: resources.elevationchurch.org

Church of the Highlands: growleader.com

Life.Church has provided so much that they get a list:

Tony Morgan: tonymorganlive.com

NewSpring Church: newspringnetwork.com/resources

Ministry 127: ministry127.com/

Church Planting: church-planting.net/

Open Resources: openresources.org

One Church Resource: onechurchresource.com

Creation Swamp Free Church Graphics: creationswap.com

Canva Free Graphics Creation: canva.com (Canva for Work free for qualified non-profits)

And, you can check out some more stuff at churchrelevance.com/free-church-graphics-and-resources-toolbox/