Do we risk enough?

Most people fall in one of 2 camps when it comes to risk.  They either like to take risks, or absolutely hate to.  Tony Campolo did a sociological study with people over the age of 95.  The survey asked them, if you could do life over again what would you do differently? Most responses fell into three categories:

1. Reflect more
2. Risk more
3. Do more that will live on after I’m gone
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I think it’s obvious why risk was in the top 3…… the reason people don’t risk as much is because there could be a lot to lose.  But, when looking back after a long life, you think about what could have been.  Plus, by that time everybody has probably experienced some failures and realized that failing every now and then isn’t the end of the world.  So, the risks don’t seem as great when there’s less to lose and therefore not as much fear.

I hope I take enough risks in my life.  It would be great to look back and not have to regret being afraid to take chances.  At the same time, that desire to take risks has to be balanced with wisdom and discernment.

Acts 16:5

In my journey through the book of Acts I came across this verse:

"So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers" – Acts 16:5

I would say that this is the specific purpose for which I want to leverage my life.  Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a church that is dying, dead, or simply ineffective in it’s mission.  It’s obvious the world needs more churches that could be described by that verse.  It was about 4 years ago when I pictured what a church for the unchurched could look like here in Baltimore, MD.  That picture in my mind, along with the realization that I wanted to live my life for that purpose is what has led me to where I am today, working for a church like the one I pictured.  It was a huge answer to prayer and I hope and pray we never stray off course.

In a message called Asking Big, Andy Stanley challenged everyone to pray for something big, something God-sized.  He said God is honored by our persistent asking.  Since I listened to that message I’ve prayed that God will make Baltimore known for strong, healthy churches.   Not because I want attention for Baltimore, or even for churches for that matter.  But because strong, healthy churches make Jesus known, and help people find their way to Him.