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Mastermind Groups for Ministry LeadersMastermind Groups. If you’ve heard of them, then it probably doesn’t sound weird. Otherwise, the name might be misleading.

A Mastermind Group is simply a collection of people who gather together regularly to learn from each other, encourage each other, and help each other improve. The Mastermind format centers around using 3 key questions that everyone gets to answer:

  • What is going well in your ministry?
  • What challenge are you facing that you would like input from the group on?
  • What resource can you share that would be helpful to the group?

Most groups gather once/month on site or via video call and talk through those questions. In addition to the questions, there is a specific discussion around a book, article, or something the group is learning from together.

Interested in Joining a Ministry Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups have launched and registration is now closed. Be sure to subscribe to updates to hear when the next round of signups opens.