Creating a Sustainable and Predictable Rhythm for Volunteer Trainings

This post is part of a series on 7 Keys to an Effective Volunteer Training System. When our local children’s ministry network gathers, we almost always talk about how we train volunteers and what that looks like specifically for each of us. Everyone is interested in how they can have the best participation possible at their […]

7 Keys to an Effective Volunteer Training System

I recently had a good conversation with another family ministry leader who was looking to improve his volunteer training system. One of the biggest challenges ministry leaders face is in training and equipping volunteers on their teams, and we got to share ideas and learn from each other. In many cases, training and coaching is not a […]

YOUTH MINISTRY ANSWERS, a New Podcast from @StuffYouCanUse, @kennnnnnnnny & @ellllllllllle

Kenny & Elle Campbell are a couple of awesome people who led middle school ministry at The Chapel in Buffalo, NY for about a decade before moving to work for Orange. They have created some great resources to help student ministries everywhere, including and Today, they launched another great resource, is […]

Win a Copy of Lead Small Culture by @reggiejoiner, @kristen_ivy & @ellllllllllle

Registration for the 2015 Orange Conference opens tomorrow. As an organization, reThink/Orange partners with churches and helps them serve and lead families as well as they possibly can. One way they do that is by providing excellent resources. Resources such as curriculum, but also resources to help with planning, strategy, content and more. There is […]

Orange Books Deal Week – Great Deals and Prizes #OrangeBooks is a new website from Orange designed to provide access to all the books available through Orange and writers they partner with. This week is the first ever Deal Week through Orange Books, where you can get great deals on books they sell and enter to win prizes by purchasing and spreading the word […]

Student Pastors Near Maryland: Join Us & Other Churches for the Fall Retreat

Our church, along with some other churches in Maryland, have been partnering together to create a Fall Retreat for our student ministries over the last number of years. Starting this year, we’re inviting any and all churches who would like to join us by bringing their students to the Fall Retreat. The Fall Retreat takes […]

15 Ways to Promote Your Church Event for a Better Turnout

If you serve on staff in children’s ministry or student ministry, you probably put on some important events each year. Hopefully you’re only doing events that really help people take steps in their journey, so you obviously want as many people to come as possible. See Tony’s post about Are Events Killing the Church for […]