Why I’m Looking Forward to the 2013 Orange Conference

The Orange Conference is a yearly gathering of over 5,000 family ministry leaders (church volunteers and staff). It’s people who serve preschool kids, elementary kids and students, as well as senior pastors, all gathering to learn from each other. In reality it’s much more than that too, but here are some reasons I’m looking forward […]

Church Leaders, I Need Your Input – What Volunteer Challenges Do You Face?

When networking with other church leaders, particularly those in children’s and student ministries, one topic quickly rises to the top when challenges are discussed. It’s the same thing that is at the core of over 80% of the conversations I have with ministry leaders I coach. Volunteers Recruiting. Retaining. Training. Structuring. Leading. Appreciating. Encouraging. Volunteers […]

New Study Shows Parents Are More Influential Than Schools in Academic Success #thinkorange

A new study written on the EdWeek Blog found that parents have more of an impact on their child’s academic success than the schools their kids are part of. Here’s a great quote from that study: “The effort that parents are putting in at home in terms of checking homework, reinforcing the importance of school, […]

Our Family Ministry Team Discussion On The 5 Levels of Delegation by @MichaelHyatt

One of the things our family ministry team does when we meet most weeks is learn together. We do that by reading articles, blogs, books, as well as by listening to podcasts and to each other. This week we talked about a blog post from Michael Hyatt. His blog is one of the best blogs out […]

“The Signature of Mediocrity is Chronic Inconsistency.” – How Does This Apply to Family Ministry?

A little over a week ago we gathered all of our children’s ministry volunteers for Elevate, a training we do a couple times a year with the entire team. The primary thing we talked about at Elevate was consistency. At Elevate we always share stories about how God is working through our church and how […]

Helping Students Engage With The Bible – How Does Your Student Ministry Do It?

My previous post talked about some transitions at our church that have led to me being more involved with our student ministry. As we planned our series and teaching for this fall we decided to make one thing the primary focus. Help students engage with the Bible Anyone familiar with Willow Creek’s Reveal research knows […]