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A 10-week challenge to help you recruit more volunteers

Volunteer Playbook Group

The Volunteer Playbook Group is a 10-week challenge to help you recruit more volunteers. You’ll be part of a group of 20+ ministry leaders as we look to transform our volunteer cultures by:

  • Assessing our current reality
  • Clarifying our vision
  • Building our foundation
  • Growing our team

See below for more details on the program and schedule.

Join the group
Attend weekly calls
Do the work
Share with others
Grow your team

What’s Involved in the Volunteer Playbook Group?

The Volunteer Playbook Group includes:

  • Weekly video call, with Nick teaching on the topic for that week
  • Q&A at the end of each call to address your specific questions
  • A private Facebook Group for daily interaction
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching calls with Nick
  • Access to the volunteer resources everyone creates
  • Tons of bonuses (see below)

Who is it for?

This group is for leaders who serve in children’s ministry, youth ministry, or in nextgen/family roles. Everyone who takes the 10-week challenge must commit to do the following:

  • Attend and engage in video calls
  • Do the work each week (3+ hours)
  • Take feedback graciously
  • Give feedback honestly
  • Encourage others
  • Share everything you create
  • Be nice … and awesome

3+ Hours/Week?

In case you skimmed past it, I want to highlight that participating in this group requires a significant investment of time. One of the biggest reasons we struggle to recruit volunteers in ministry is because it takes more time than we’re able to give to it. This is especially true if you are working to build your culture from scratch or rebuilding something that isn’t working.

Every week you’ll need to set aside a minimum of 3 hours to do the work:

  • 1 hour in the call (possibly more with Q&A)
  • 1 hour to do the weekly tasks
  • 1 hour+ to work on the projects and homework specific to that week

Who is it NOT for?

This group is NOT for everyone. Some examples include:

  • It is not for someone who can’t give 3-4+ hours/week beyond your current responsibilities
  • It is not for someone who will be excited early on, but not follow through
  • It is not for someone who is burnt out – If that’s you, let’s talk, because there’s a better path (Email nick@nickblevins.com)
  • It is not for someone who will not stop other things in order to make time for this

This isn’t a marketing trick or a ploy, I promise. This is the pilot version of this group, and I’m looking for people who will be all-in to transform their volunteer culture. Our success as group members will directly relate to what each of us brings to the group. We need everyone’s best.


Mastermind Groups for MinistryI know that joining the 10-week challenge is a big investment of time and money, so I’ve put together a bonus package to go along with your membership in the group. Everyone who joins will also receive:

What is the cost?

The cost is $200/person. After filling out the application to join the group, payment will be due in full by October 1. The group is first-come, first-served, and there are only 20 spots available. However, if you join a Mastermind Group, you can take part in this group as well, so you may want to go that route for better value.

Volunteer Playbook Group Plan

Video Call/Training: Every Monday: 12-1PM Eastern (Oct 2 – Dec 4)

The Volunteer Playbook Group will walk everyone through four phases while focusing on specific topics each week that relate to that phase. In addition, there is work to be done each week to help grow your ministry. We’ll hold each other accountable along the way to help ensure we all follow through on our work.


Week 1: Assessment

Assess the current volunteer reality in your ministry, and in your church overall, to identify barriers.

Week 2: Vision

You’ll define your mission, vision, and strategy in a clear and compelling way that will draw people to your ministry.

Week 3: Culture

Culture is what everyone really notices, so we’ll work on creating a magnetic volunteer culture.

Week 4: Structure

You’ll design a structure for your teams that empowers others, keeps you sane, and makes room for growth.

Week 5: Roles

Your volunteer recruitment will be most effective when people serve in roles that utilize their gifts and passions.

Week 6: Onboarding

You’ll fine tune your onboarding process so a new volunteer’s first two months help them stick for the long haul.

Week 7: Communication

Communication builds trust, increases influence, and shows you care, so we’ll create a top-notch communication plan.

Week 8: Training

One of the biggest fears potential volunteers have is not being ready, but your new training plan will alleviate their concerns.

Week 9: Recruitment

Recruitment will take place throughout, but here we’ll focus on building a system that works year-round.

Week 10: Work On It

With everything in place, you’re ready to plan how you’ll work on it going forward.

Nick Blevins

“Volunteer recruitment is positively (or negatively) impacted by tons of factors in our churches. This plan is designed to identify every influence and leverage each one to help fuel your volunteer recruitment.”

There is no quick fix or simple solution

Volunteer Playbook Group Applications Closed on September 15

Join the Waitlist

Applications for the Fall 2017 Volunteer Playbook Group have closed. However, there will be more groups in the future. Fill out the form below to be the first to hear about the next round.

…until the Volunteer Group Application is closed for the year

Apply for the Volunteer Playbook Group Challenge

Fill out my online form.


How is this different from the Mastermind Groups?

Mastermind Groups are a collection of people, who serve in a similar context, that commit to meeting together regularly for a period of time to share ideas, resources, and challenge and encourage one another. The goal is to form a community of sorts, over a longer period of time, and learn from each other in a structured format. 

The Volunteer Playbook Group is 100% focused on building your volunteer team, and it’s a combination of training + accountability + resources. Compared to the Mastermind Groups, it requires a lot more time each (3+ hours/week versus 2 hours/month), but for a shorter period of time (10 weeks versus 7 months).

If you have time to commit to both, I highly recommend joining a Mastermind Group and taking advantage of free access to the Volunteer Playbook Group.

What if I can't commit 3+ hours/week?

Finding 3+ hours/week for anyone will be difficult, so we totally understand if you can’t set aside the time. If all goes as planned, we’ll offer this again in the future and, hopefully, you’ll be able to take part in it then!

When will I get the bonus package?

Resources from the bonus package will be available in October when the Volunteer Playbook Group starts meeting. 

How will the weekly video calls work?

This will depend on the final size of the group. If the group is small enough, we’ll hold video calls where everyone is on video and we can all interact together in more of a group discussion format. If the group is too large, the videos will be live with the ability to chat (think Facebook Live or a Webinar). Either way, replays will be available in case you miss (but you shouldn’t miss)!

Is there really homework?

Yes, every week. Sharpen your #2 pencils…. or just turn on your computer.

Is it first-come, first-served?

Yup, you got it. The limit isn’t a hard line like the Mastermind Groups, but we will cut it off at some point.

Apply soon!