In ministry it’s important to plan for growth to allow growth. In this post I’ll share 7 questions to help you evaluate your Church Systems.

Andy Stanley says that systems create behaviors. Systems are the collection of processes that help lead to a desired result. In this context, talking about allowing for growth in ministry, systems are important because they can create behaviors that fuel growth or impede it. Here are some things to think about when evaluating how strong your systems are.

  • Are you aware of what your main systems are? Nelson Searcy has a free e-book on what he thinks are the 8 key systems in every church. That’s a good place to start.
  • How strong are your systems within children and student ministries? That includes systems for volunteering, programming, communication with volunteers and parents, curriculum development and implementation, partnering with parents, and leadership development? It’s a lot, I know. Email me if you want help with where to start.
  • Are your systems documented? If not, they’re hard to delegate which means it will be hard for anything to grow beyond the ability of the people who currently make it happen.
  • Are your systems consistent? You will need slightly different systems from ministry to ministry but if they’re too inconsistent, especially within a ministry, it will be confusing and impede growth. I write about chronic inconsistency in family ministry here.
  • Where are some behaviors happening that you applaud? You probably have a good system there, helping produce the behaviors you want. Find out what’s good about it and reproduce it elsewhere.
  • Where are some behaviors happening that you would like to change? This is a sign that a system is bad in that area. Figure out what needs to change to get the desired result.
  • Do your systems empower leaders or simply delegate tasks? If they empower leaders then you’re set for growth. If they simply delegate tasks then they will impede growth as they won’t be attractive to leaders. See my thoughts on How to Delegate Well here.

Check out Tony Morgan’s 8 Characteristics of Healthy Systems for Churches for more help in this area.

How are your systems fueling or impeding growth?