These are my notes from the Orange Conference 2013 Breakouts. Orange is a conference for family ministry teams and senior leadership in churches. You can see my notes from the Main Sessions here.

Defining the NextGen/Family Ministry Team

Darren Kizer

Downloadable resources here:

  •  Family Ministry or NextGen Ministry is pretty new in church world (less than a decade).
  • It's our job to lead people to where we've never been.
  • Darren's church, Parker Hill Community Church, created a family map to outline their plan for families:
  • Darren uses the map to create a plan for staffing, budget and calendar.

Best Practices in Family Ministry

  • Smart Clusters – Define how you'll group kids and students by age strategically.
  • Right Seat – The Family Minister needs a seat at the decision making table.
  • All Plays – They bring their team together to do specific things (appreciation parties, baptism, family map day).
  • No Pets – Move the pet projects out (your favorites). The Family Minister should value all the age group ministries the same.
  • Staffing Structure – Design roles of appropriate size and style.
    • Lead as many roles as possible.
    • Give away as many roles as possible.
    • Staff should know whether your conversations with them are from a position of influence or authority (think about this or do this).
    • Decide to staff based on vertical clusters (like age groups) or horizontal pursuits (like groups, production, events, etc).
  • Champion unity and parent partnership.


  • The oldest kids always wants what's next. Don't define clusters based on their opinion, or you'll have too many.
  • Every cluster creates another exit ramp (beware of that).
  • Every cluster increases complexity.
  • Every positive has a negative flipside.
  • Multisite messes it all up.

Viruses, Riots and Velcro: What They Teach us About Getting and Keeping Volunteers

Craig Jutila

Virus – The Contagion

  • We want vision to spread like a virus.
  • The “r nought” of a virus is a measure of how many people would be infected by one person that had it.
  • We want a high “r nought” with our vision “virus”.
  • A virus spreads with close proximity.

Riot – The Confirmation

  • Riots are confirmation that something is going on (good or bad).
  • The first person is the visionary.
  • The second person verifies it.
  • The third person validates it.
  • 4th+ people show it's become a virus.

Velcro – The Connection

  • Over 60 million yards of velcro sold each year.
  • Volunteers need to feel connected.

Who can spread a vision virus for you?

Who can start the riot for you, that third person who can come on board and validate it?

Who is currently serving that you can thank for connecting with you?

Breakout: Successfully Partnering with Parents of Elementary Kids

Darren Kizer & Jessica McKee

  • Intentionally partner with dads.
  • Applaud parents for everything they do to lead their child, no matter how small.
  • Deuteronomy 6:6-7
  • Community is assumed – Pursue Community
    • Create a culture that embraces a wide and accepting view of family and parental partnerships.
    • Redefine “parent” to embrace biological parents, guardians, mentors, grandparents, godparents, adopted families, etc.
    • Family must be protected, valued, resourced and celebrated.
  • Visualize, celebrate, measure and equip milestones.
  • Partner with parents through Classes, Events and Priorities.
  • Darren referred to their family map again –
  • Develop a rhythm for consistent conversation.