Over the past couple of years at Community Christian Church, we have worked to improve the quality, consistency, and variety of our communication with students and their parents. We know everyone prefers different methods of communication, so we try to use all of them regularly for the best reach. Church Texting plans are something we focused on years ago and we’ve used a few different services.

Here’s a list of plans we considered as well as the final plan we ended up choosing.

EZ Texting – Has a pay as you go option, but the lowest monthly rate is $29. EZ Texting has some well known churches as clients.

Group Texting – Also has a pay as you go option, but with a low rate of $10/month.

SimplyTXT – SimplyTXT was designed specifically for student ministry by simply youth ministry. I didn’t like the feature requiring people to confirm being added to the group, since we got permission to text folks in a form and were going to add them later on.

MinistryTXT – MinistryTXT was also designed specifically for ministry, and has a great price at just $12/month.

ProTexting – ProTexting is a great service, but also has a low price of $29/month for 500 messages.

Mobile Text Alerts – Our previous service provider. Very affordable but it was not user-friendly at the time. They’ve updated it since then.

Text In Church – OUR CHOICE – Text In Church is not cheap but the quality is good. I love that they have groups, keywords, and the even have processes you can run people through to receive texts.

Do you use any of these church texting plans, or another option, in your church?