These are my notes from the Orange Conference 2014 Breakouts. Orange is a conference for family ministry teams and senior leadership in churches. You can see my notes from the Main Sessions here.

Defining the Role of the NextGen Pastor

Nina Schmidgall

What is a Family Pastor / NextGen Pastor?

  • Someone who champions the next generation.
    • They define and protect the DNA of the church.
    • They ensure partnership with parents.
  • Someone who can lead a team of leaders.
    • They can lead up and cast vision and champion family ministry.
    • They have a heart for leadership development and the skills to do it.
  • Someone who will fight for strategic alignment.
    • Are the ministries in your church competing?
    • Fight to avoid the dangers of having age group silos.
    • We need to inspire staff and volunteers.
    • Does your team agree on what the goals are?
    • Work to align with your strategy for discipling adults as well.
    • How can you know if you’re strategically aligned?
      • Does everyone on the family ministry team sit around same table regularly?
      • Do budgets align or compete?
      • Is there a designated leader for the team?
      • Have you clarified the win for parents at every stage?
      • Do you have an easy and clear transition between age groups?
  • Someone who is a pastor to the entire family.
  • How to make your family pastor successful:
    • Ensure they have a seat at the top level decision making table.
    • Ensure they have freedom to hire/fire and build their team.
    • Help them articulate the DNA of the church.
    • Help them develop a common language across all ministries.
    • Allow them to meet regularly with their team leaders.
    • Help them align the calendar and budget.

Say Yes to Every Life Stage (NextGen)

Kristen Ivy

  • Every life stage is unique.
  • It’s just a phase… So don’t miss it.
  • Phase: a time frame in a kid’s life when you can leverage opportunities to influence their future.
  • 3 Parts of a Phase:
    • Understand Their Present Realities
      • Understand what’s happening to them mentally and physically.
        • 0-2 yrs – Sensing Beginners (Sensory motor).
        • 2-8yrs – Honest Narcissists (Pre-operational).
        • 8-12yrs – Good Scientists (Concrete Operational).
        • 12+ yrs – Emerging Philosophers (Abstract Intellectual).
      • Understand what’s happening around them relationally and culturally.
      • Understand how what’s happening affects their faith and character
    • Leverage Distinctive Opportunities
      • Leverage distinctive opportunities as you think about your message.
      • Leverage distinctive opportunities as you create experiences.
      • Leverage distinctive opportunities as you celebrate critical moments.
    • Influence Through People
      • Preschool staff/volunteers – Embrace: see God’s love, meet God’s family.
      • Elementary staff/volunteers – Engage: trust God’s character, live out God’s story.
      • Middle School staff/volunteers – Shift: own their faith, never do faith alone.
      • High School staff/volunteers – Mobilize: deeper discipleship, greater mission.