As we moved into a new building, we rebranded our children’s environments and came up with a whole new children’s ministry decor for both preschool and elementary. Here’s a look at those environments along with some notes.

Preschool Children’s Ministry Decor

We planned on having the look of our preschool environments mirror what most preschool kids would see on video every week in that environment. We use First Look Curriculum, and the teaching videos are set in a backyard/clubhouse settings.

We designed our preschool rooms to mimic that look, along with a clubhouse stage (still in progress) for the oldest preschoolers. One of our volunteers is an amazing artist, and she painted the walls and created the trees with the help of a bunch of our volunteers. I’ll do a separate post on how the trees were created later on.

Here are some pictures of our preschool environment.







Elementary Children’s Ministry Decor

Elementary kids meet in the Warehouse. We purchased an existing facility and built it out for our needs, and the facility had a warehouse section in it. We kept most of the warehouse style and simply added the decor and components we wanted.

The Warehouse is used for our student ministry gatherings as well, which take place on Sunday nights during the school year. We knew going into it that it would be a shared space, and we designed it accordingly. Our goal was to keep much of the same look we had before that allowed us to theme out the stage each month to match the 252 Kids curriculum (see But, we wanted to add some features that would appeal to an older age group as well.

A few notes about what we added:

  • We added a 3rd projector/screen and lined them up so they can be used as one with ProPresenter and the Multiscreen Module.
  • We added a circular lighting truss (see pic below).
  • We used portable staging from our previous auditorium.
  • We created a track system below the 3 screens, 2 tracks can have 8′ foam core sheets slid into them (one in front of the other) like all the pictures below have. The 3rd track has a curtain on it, which can be pulled in front of both of the other tracks to quickly provide a black-curtain backdrop.
  • We had circle carpets for small groups before, but we bought new ones from Overstock. We couldn’t find decently priced round carpets (solid color) before and had them custom made. Overstock seems to have a good selection now and we like the ones we ordered.
  • We upgraded our sound with a subwoofer and extra speakers.
  • We’ll be adding color LED lights in the near future.