In this post I wrote about our 4-part strategy for partnering with parents. That strategy was born out of realizing what we already do and putting all of that into categories. I wrote about 3 of the 4 parts of the strategy in the other post, but the last component is the most important and warrants its own post.

I believe the best partnership we have with parents is their child’s…

Small Group Leader


Many of you reading this already knew I was going to write that and you understand why. The 3 other parts of the strategy (Communication, Resources & Events) are important, but a great small group leader outweighs them all. The only one that comes close is probably resources, but since the resources we provide to parents are not created by us anyway (Thanks Orange), the small group leader is far and away the best partnership we can have with parents.

8 Reasons Why

Here are 8 reasons why I believe small group leaders (SGLs) are the best partnership we have with parents. Keep in mind, this assumes we have great small group leaders. If a small group leader is terrible at connecting with kids, shows up only half the time, or doesn’t understand the importance of connecting with parents, this isn’t true.

  1. Small Group Leaders are in the lives of kids and students the most and every parent needs other adults as a positive influence in their kid’s lives. That alone may serve the parent than anything else.
  2. We go to great lengths to communicate with parents, but if a parent and small group leader talk regularly, and the small group leader knows what to communicate (because we communicate it to them), the parent would have everything they need to know.
  3. Parents need champions in their corner who will encourage them. SGLs provide that. The other things can’t.
  4. Kids and Students don’t care at all about the other 3 things, but an SGL could very well be the most important person in their life representing the church.
  5. Most of us form our view of who God is initially from what his followers are like, and that can primarily be demonstrated by their SGL.
  6. A small group leader who has an existing relationship with parents can challenge parents when they see something unhealthy. That takes a significant relationship formed over time. In fact, one of our SGLs did that just this week.
  7. The events we do give parents an example of how they can invest in their children and they give us a platform to communicate with them. An equipped small group leader could do both in a more focused manner.
  8. A small group leader who has a relationship with parents is more likely to hear feedback from the parent and know what they really need. While a parent could use other avenues to communicate that with us, my experience is it rarely happens.

As I finish typing this I’m reminded of the great content in the book Lead Small Culture about small group leaders and parents partnering together. I just cracked open my book (meaning I opened my Kindle app) and re-read some of it. There’s tons of great content there that I recommend you check out if you haven’t yet.

What say you? Is an SGL your best partnership?