In the previous two posts I wrote about our 4-Part Strategy for Partnering With Parents and The BEST Partnership We Have With Parents, which is small group leaders. Since small group leaders are the best partnership we have with parents, we want to invest in cultivating that relationship. We have done that through a variety of ways, including using the excellent¬†Small Group Leader + Parent Breakfast Kit¬†resource from Kenny & Elle’s Stuff You Can Use store to host an event like that.

Small Group Leaders & Parents of Students

In our student ministry, we kick off each school year with a Launch Party where parents and students are invited to attend. Parents get to meet and interact with their student’s small group leaders. The Launch Party and Small Group Leader + Parent Breakfasts are great, but we were also looking for another option we could pull off using less money and less time.

Coffee Talk

Our Student Pastor had the great idea of hosting a Coffee Talk. The premise is simple. Our student ministry environments take place on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm. Middle school and high school are separate, but take place at the same time. Coffee Talk takes place before, at 5pm, and runs a little bit into the normal programming (ending at 5:45pm). Our goal is to do them 3-4 times each school year. The key is we’re only asking parents to come out a little earlier than normal, and a time when they would already be out.

We set up the environment with tables and assign our small group leaders to specific tables or sections. Coffee and other beverages are available and parents and small group leaders connect during the first half of Coffee Talk. During the second half we gather everyone together and share some quick news and updates. Then, we provide parents with some type of resource that meets a need they have as parents of teens. It could be a sample cell phone contract, or, like the first one we held, we may cast a vision for the importance of students serving in ministry.

It’s been a successful initiative that’s fairly easy to pull off. I’m grateful our Student Pastor values connecting with parents and thinks outside the box to come up with new ways to do that.

How do you connect parents and small group leaders?

We’re always looking for new ways to partner with parents, so I’d love to hear what you do. Comment below and share the goodness.