Survey Closed – See Results Here:

I’m interested in helping churches and church leaders reach their full potential. Like most of you, the majority of the leaders I get to work and collaborate with lead in family ministry. It’s why most of the posts I write here on the blog are written to that audience.

In order to better understand family ministry leaders I created a short 10-question survey I’m hoping you will take. The incentive is that everyone who takes the survey will be entered for a chance to win a FREE ticket to the 2016 Orange Conference.

Step 1

The survey is now closed. See results here.

Step 2

Share this with other family ministry leaders on social media so we can have greater input which = more helpful information.

Important Details

This survey will be open for a little over a month, at which point it will close and the winner will be chosen randomly from those who filled it out.

Please note, people who subscribe to my blog get 2 entries and were told about it in advance. You can take advantage of that as well if you’d like. Simply subscribe using the form on my site and when the survey closes I’ll add an extra entry for everyone who is in the subscriber list.

Thanks for your input!

P.S. If you took it, what else should I have asked?