In the previous post I wrote about our plan for developing Coaches within our family ministry team. Coaches are volunteers who lead teams of leaders, as defined in our leadership pipeline. Part of our plan for developing Coaches involves meeting with them regularly throughout the year and holding up the 6 values we believe every Coach should live out.

Family Ministry Coach Values

Coaches in our children and student ministries can have very different responsibilities. Some lead teams of small group leaders while others lead teams that create large group experiences. One thing they all have in common is they lead teams of leaders. Here are the 6 values we created that tap into what they have in common (in no particular order). They’re written in terms of who we want Coaches to be.


Connects with kids/students and knows them. Coaches primarily lead volunteer leaders, but all of them interact with kids and students on some level. We’re interested in Coaches who value that interaction and work to develop those relationships.


Develops their team members and helps them grow. This is one of the more difficult roles of the Coach, and that is to help their team members grow individually. This requires them knowing their team and challenging them to get better.


Establishes a relationship with parents. Our entire family ministry is built on the belief that parents are the primary spiritual leaders for their children and the church’s job is to help them thrive in that role. Coaches should always seek to meet parents and build a relationship with them.


Communicates on time with great clarity. The core essential for every Coach is to communicate with their team. Communicate weekly via email to provide updates. Communicate about volunteer schedules. Communicate with their team individually to serve them best. Being a good communicator is key.


Recruits new people to the team. The best volunteer recruitment happens through an invitation. Coaches should model the importance of that by getting to know people and recruiting them to join the team.


Cares for each team member and knows their needs. We had a little fun with the wording of this one, as you can tell. Every Coach should provide great care for their team members. People might first want to serve out of a sense of mission, but they’ll love serving because of a caring community.

Those are the 6 values we came up with. The job certainly isn’t easy and Coaches will naturally be better at some values than others.

What do you value in a volunteer Coach?