I’m headed to the Orange Conference this week in Atlanta, GA. It’s one of my favorite weeks each year where I get to learn from top leaders, connect with friends, gather tons of great ideas, network with some new leaders and be stretched all around. As I’ve always done, I’ll blog most of the conference notes I take. You can also follow me on Twitter (@nickblevins) for an insane number of updates (and you thought I was annoying before).

If you’ll be at the conference, let’s connect. Comment below or message me on Twitter and we’ll find a time to meet. If you won’t be at the conference, here is how you can follow along online.

RSVP for the Live Stream

Click here to RSVP for the Orange Conference Live Stream. The opening session on Wednesday night will be streamed, along with tons of other great content and interviews. Check the Orange Leaders blog for the full live stream schedule when it’s posted.

Catch Posts from the Orange Bloggers

Click here to see the full list of people who will be blogging the conference. Some will blog during the conference like I do while others will post updates after the conference is over. Either way, you’ll want to follow along to catch all the great content. You can do that just by clicking on the links in that post or by using an app like Feedly to subscribe to all of our blogs and get it in one place.

Follow On Social Media

The hashtags to follow on social media are #OC16 and #OC16Live if you’re watching from home. You can follow that hashtag on a number of social media platforms, though Twitter is probably the best. You don’t even need an account. A simple search like this one on Twitter will keep you up to date.

The Orange Leaders blog has a great post with more details about How to Get the Most Out of #OC16 With Social Media.

Win BIG As You Follow Along From Home

Orange is giving away lots of free stuff to people on-site as well as those watching from home. Check out this blog for details. Also, don’t miss the chance to ask questions via Twitter that might get answered on the Live Stream. Read that post for instructions on how to do that.

See you on-site or online!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or just want to let me know you’ll be there. See you at #OC16!