I’m at the Orange Conference this week and I’m blogging notes while I’m here. Here are my notes from the first main session.

Gerald Fadayomi

  • If you could pray for one thing for the next generation, what would it be?
  • Jesus prayed for unity
  • How can the next generation believe there’s a God who loves them when we can’t love one another?
  • Can you imagine what would happen if we stopped seeing the church across the street as competition, and instead saw them as co-workers on mission?
  • A united church is a powerful church, a culture changing church.
  • Unity is not uniformity
  • Unity is setting our differences aside to make a difference

Danielle Strickland

  • What would make us better? What would make this world better? Free? Healed? Reconciled? It’s the Kingdom. Now.
  • Jesus drags the kingdom of God from the future into the present.
  • The thing to do is to grab the kingdom of God and start living that future now.
  • Wake up! Jesus is knocking. We’re better together if we live the future now.

Reggie Joiner

  • It’s not what you build that matters. It’s what happens in you. It’s what happens to you.
  • How we work together will change how a generation sees God.
  • In the story of Nehemiah, they named what was broken.
  • When any church ignores what’s broken in their community, they forfeit their right to have influence with their community.
  • We can’t ignore what is broken.
  • In the story of Nehemiah, he leveraged what he had.
  • Nehemiah said he was cupbearer to the king. This wasn’t in his job description.
  • We can’t expect to build anything without it costing us something.
  • Nehemiah went and saw for himself.
  • If you want to be the leader you want to be in this generation, you have to go and see for yourself sometimes.
  • Proximity changes perspective.
  • Nehemiah called people to do something they didn’t know how to do.
  • Do something you don’t know how to do.
  • Nehemiah made an assumption that he had everything he needed in the town in order to rebuild the town.
  • Keep working together, regardless.
  • Expect to see God, but not the God you expected.
  • Keep doing what seems impossible and you’ll do more than you ever expected.