I have so many things I love about the Orange Conference that it's hard to pick a favorite. Well, my favorite part is the connections. Everything else is tied for second, I suppose. Here are some other highlights from the Orange Conference (from my perspective).

Other Highlights

  • My Elementary Director, Lisa Molite, got to lead 2 breakouts for the first time and she crushed it.
  • We gathered some Ministry Boost students for a pre-gathering on Tuesday afternoon and learned a lot from each other.
  • Wednesday, we hosted a Ministry Boost + YouLead lunch for over 80 people and got to meet folks and give away stuff.
  • For the first time ever, we had a booth for Ministry Boost. That was a lot of fun and we made plenty of mistakes along the way.
  • Kenny set up A TON of coaching opportunities for leaders and that was really cool.
  • We had a suite with YouLead and it was great to have that hub to connect with people.
  • We had 40+ people show up to the Thursday night late night networking at the restaurant on site.
  • Lisa and her daughter got Kellen to record a video saying high to our fourth and fifth graders, who know him from the So & So Show.
  • I got to meet a bunch of people in person that I only knew online through Ministry Boost.
  • I enjoyed leading a breakout with Kenny & Kevin about Boosting My Ministry – Kenny took half the time.
  • I talked about Building a Comprehensive NextGen Strategy for Families – something I continue to develop in the hopes of giving church leaders a roadmap they can tweak for their church.
  • I had a ton of fun with our Ministry Boost team, with SO MUCH HELP from Rachel Walker and Dave Walters (rockstars!).

BONUS: Get NextGen Breakout Content

You can get all the content/slides/files/extras from all of the breakouts in the NextGen Track here.