Registration for the 2019 Orange Tour opens June 13. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. I go to the Orange Conference every year but there are some unique differences about the Orange Tour that I enjoy. Here are 5 things I look forward each year about the Orange Tour.

Attending With Volunteers

Occasionally, we’ll have volunteers attend the Orange Conference with us, but that’s rare. The Orange Tour, however, is just the opposite. We’ll take 10-20+ volunteers each year because it’s closer, more affordable, and just one day. I love going with a whole team of volunteers, many for the first time, to experience the Orange Tour together.

Different Breakouts

Some breakouts at the Orange Tour are the same as what was offered at the conference, but many of them are different. In addition, you can only attend so many breakouts at the conference, so I like the option of attending breakouts at Tour that are new to me.

Connecting with Local Friends

We have essentially gone to two tour locations since it launched, so regardless of which one we go to, we have friends we can connect with when we attend. Many of the same churches host or attend each year, so it’s a fun time to reconnect and catch up on life and ministry.

Better Access

Because Orange Tour is much smaller, our team gets to connect with speakers more than they ever would at the conference. This gives them an opportunity to ask questions, dig deeper into some topics, or just strike up a relationship that will serve them well down the road.

Parent Cue Live

Parent Cue Live is a newer addition to the Orange Tour and I really enjoyed it last year. If your church is close to a tour location, it can be a great invite for parents. It’s fun, helpful, and very affordable at $25/person.


Are you going? What are you looking forward to experiencing?