This fall, Orange pivoted again off of the regular Orange Tour experience to offer two online events instead – Kid's Ministry Exchange (KMX) and Youth Ministry Exchange (YMX). The theme of the events was Here to Play, and I think they're right when they said “We think there’s a generation watching and waiting to see if we are really . . . here to play.”

Here are some of my favorite quotes from KMX & YMX:

Kids Ministry Exchange

Jesus didn’t just speak it; He lived it. Instead of building another program, it’s time to love people. The golden rule is self-centered, but Jesus’ rule is others-centered. So how is your righteousness surpassing that of the Pharisees? – @djstrickland

We have a responsibility to our Creator who has created all of us in His image…we've got to pause and not be afraid to deal with the tough stuff. – @vawardwow

“The church has to be the one on the frontlines, leading a world to love.” – @SamCollier

“If you take away a kid's voice, if you take away their role, you take away their agency and you steal their power ” – @lisefras

David Jameson said  “we can only receive what we give, we can only withdraw what we deposit. So deposit trust! Boom!

“You are salt and you are valuable… not just to the Kingdom, you are valuable to the King.” – @GeraldFadayomi

“I'm here to play so I can show someone how to play. I want the kids who grow up in my ministry to know how to participate, know how to demonstrate, how to advocate, how to celebrate, how to discover their own faith.” – @lisefras

Youth Ministry Exchange

Right now in the church if we're waiting for things to get back to normal, “we're waiting for a world that no longer exists.” – @josaxton

“How can you serve that world if you don't know that world?” – @josaxton

“ASK, SEEK, KNOCK” instead of choosing to take the posture of “KNOW, ASSUME, DEFEND”

“The pandemic didn’t change as much as we think it did. It just gave us the opportunity to pay closer attention to the change already happening around us.”


Next Steps to Consider

Did you attend? What were some of your takeaways?