Nick BlevinsI’m married to a beautiful and talented woman named Jennifer and we have 2 kids, Isaac & Mackenzie.  I serve on the staff leadership team at Community Christian Church and oversee our children and student ministries. Prior to working for the local church, I worked for a national defense contractor and a small development company as a Project Manager.

My Passion

I’m all about helping church leaders maximize their church’s potential.

Do you feel like God has blessed your church with more potential than you’re realizing?

Are you hoping to maximize the potential God has given to you? 

Will you commit to growing you and your church to reach your collective potential?

StratOp Certified FacilitatorFor me, I say “yes” to all of the above and I hope you do too. As Bill Hybels says, “everyone wins when leaders get better.” I want to help you and your church as best I can, whether it be through a Church StratOpTM, through consulting, coaching, speaking, or simply by what’s written here (subscribe!) and the conversations we have surrounding that.

My Content

You’ll find my thoughts, learnings, and failures written about here on the blog as well as other sites including:

Let’s Connect

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