An important question that comes up often in children and youth ministry conversations is:

Do we have enough staff to lead this ministry well?

Another closely related question is:

Do we have enough volunteers? 

Now, many of us would simply assume we don't have enough of either because we're busy and there are holes to fill. However, I think it's really helpful to know what a healthy ratio is for staff and volunteers and there aren't a lot of guides out there for children's and youth ministry. Ministry Architects does have some helpful guides and this podcast features Anthony Prince as he and I talk about those benchmarks.

Children & Youth Ministry Staff/Volunteer Survey

In order to help us all have some context and benchmarks to look at when asking these questions, I'm asking you to fill out a survey to indicate the staffing and volunteer ratios at your church. The goal is for hundreds of leaders to take the survey so we have a large enough sample size to make the results reliable and helpful.

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The Survey Is Now Closed – Check back for results