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Here you’ll find free resources for children’s ministry, youth ministry, and family ministry along with some downloads geared towards your church overall. Most of these resources are what we use in our church, re-purposed for you to use in your ministry.

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Downloadable Resources


This is a sample of a church-wide survey we do every 2 years to help us evaluate what we do. The primary goal of the survey is to determine the church background of the people our church is reaching. However, it's also used to evaluate most…

Kindergarten Confidential is an event we hold each year for rising kindergarteners and their parents. The goal of the event is to ease the transition into kindergarten and inform parents about everything they need to know. This download includes instructions, graphics, the booklet we give…

This is a copy of the Orientation book we walk through with new volunteers. It includes information the vision of our church, the process for getting involved, an overview of environments, volunteer roles, and additional information every volunteer needs to know before jumping aboard.

This is a copy of the form that families fill out to register their kids in children's ministry. Download and edit this form to use in your ministry.

This is a template of the email we send to prospective volunteers after they have observed the environments. This email invites them to complete the volunteer application and background check authorization as the next step in the volunteer onboarding process.

This is a sample volunteer application you can edit and use in your ministry. We have the same application in a form online, which is the primary way we distribute it. However, this document includes the same content. This can be used as a children's ministry volunteer application,…

This is a document we have new volunteers fill out when coming onboard. The idea is to get 5 things they like that all cost less than $5. We save that information and use it to get them one of these items, at any time, to…

This document outlines our volunteer onboarding process.

These are the questions we ask volunteers in the 6-week follow-up meeting we have after they begin serving.

Template of the email we send to volunteer references.

This form is sent to the references that volunteers include in their volunteer application.

We use this set of questions in the interview we have with prospective volunteers. The questions are a guide, not a step-by-step process. The goal is to have a conversation that flows naturally while fitting in questions along the way.

Get the full results and summary of the 2016 Family/NextGen Ministry Survey.