I want to help church leaders grow their ministry and one way I do that is by speaking at events. Events include conferences, seminars, staff trainings, volunteer trainings, preaching, events for kids/students, and more.

About Me

For over 15 years I have been speaking to audiences including churches, ministry leaders, volunteers, children, and students. From preaching in services to conferences for leaders, I strive to encourage people and help them reach their potential. Their potential as volunteers, as staff, as leaders, as parents, and ultimately as followers of Jesus. My favorite speaking environment is probably with church staff or volunteers, as I'm extremely passionate about helping them understand the importance of what they do and discover some ways they can grow.

Most Requested Topics

Church SpeakerHere are my most requested topics.

  • How to recruit, train and retain volunteers.
  • How to have an integrated family ministry.
  • How churches and leaders can lead small.
  • Best practices for coaching and developing leaders.
  • Building a unified and effective team.
  • Children's ministry leadership and strategy.
  • Student ministry leadership and strategy.

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, the easiest way to begin the conversation is by filling out the form below.

What Others Say

“Thank you so much for coming up to our church. Leaders and parents loved it. Thanks for your leadership!”Matt, Keystone Fellowship


“We thought the training went really well. Our small group leaders responded very positively. We are looking forward to staying in touch with you , sharing ideas and learning so much more!”Kim, Browncroft Community Church

Jim Wideman and Nick Blevins

Speaking Interest

Email me at nick@nickblevins.com if you want to talk about the possibility of me speaking at your event.