In this episode, Amber Baker shares her experience leading through the various changes in kidmin after the pandemic and the leadership shifts in her ministry team. Shifting to a new leadership model within family ministry produces some challenges, and Amber gives some practical tips for navigating some of those transitions.

Amber Baker

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Episode Notes

Getting back to the basics (Kidmin after pandemic):

  • Outside in pavilion
  • Bible story without a TV
  • Hand-written tags
  • Games in the field

Changes online since regathering:

  • Focus on outside events at church over the digital
  • Summer kick-off, Fall kick-off, on-campus events
  • Getting more personal

Transition to new leadership model:

  • Originally hired as a co-pastor over children’s
  • During a pastor’s sabbatical, moved to overseeing youth
  • Tension in beginning to oversee the youth leadership
  • Some team members made transitions off staff
  • Began to create new team culture and make hires to support the ministry

Action Items

  1. Track trends for online engagement
  2. Plan events, maybe small, to re-engage
  3. Evaluate your model – job descriptions to support the team

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