James Sabin gives some encouragement on how student ministry has thrived in the midst of a pandemic. James also gives some feedback from the implementation of some strategies around new family/student retention.

James Sabin

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Episode Notes

Before COVID:

  • Church began with 250-300 in overall attendance, only a few teenagers engaged in youth ministry
  • Started with a partnership with FCA
  • Grew to 120 active youth
  • Group-based model
  • Created “Late-Night-Live” online experience for youth; whole family participated
  • Core families were the core watchers, but picked up new families as well
  • Regathering began; JH and HS gathered in main worship center on Sunday nights
  • Student-led worship teams
  • Steady with 30-40 in attendance after regathering
Student Retention:
  • First-time strategy… have youth invite and own giving a gift
  • Lots of swag and branded giveaways
  • Ideas: Starbucks gift card (first-time gift), t-shirts, stickers, etc.
Student Ministry Online:
  • Creating online experience that matches the production quality of adults
  • First 15 minutes in-person is with groups, but online they wait for the large group time to start
  • Make it viewable after Sunday night for those who can’t watch

Action Items

  1. Stream online
  2. Overhaul your retention plan – 50% off
  3. Consider a rally/event/shorter/in and out

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