In this episode, Tom Bump gives some helpful tips for restoring ourselves as leaders, focusing on self-care as an important daily routine. Tom also shares about his ministry which seeks to restore leader's hearts, souls, and minds through retreats, connection groups and more.

Tom Bump

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Episode Notes

Restoring Leaders:
  • Birthed from a real sense that it was needed
  • After feeling useless, felt the call the pastor pastors and help hurting leaders
  • Goal: restoring wounded hearts, wounded souls, and minds
4 Saturdays of Restoration:
  • Opportunity to get a sneak peek of a retreat
  • Wake-up call that they aren't as healthy as they thought
  • Reveals the need for real conversations about rest and health
  • Most conferences don't allow for staff to rest and reflect and be restored

Practical tools from Restoring Leaders:

  • One-on-One call with Tom
  • Retreats
  • Available to teach church staff
  • Online resources

Action Items

  1. Check out
  2. Take a real sabbath
  3. Soul day

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