In this episode, we hear from Trisha Peach about the children's ministry principles she has learned and implemented and encouraged in churches worldwide. Trisha also shares her experience in helping relaunch a church plant post-pandemic and how it has grown both in-person and online.

Trisha Peach

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Episode Notes

Transferrable principles for churches of all sizes:
  • Rely on kids/youth to be involved in ministry
    • Allow teenagers to lead in kids ministry
    • Create unique teams for young people to serve within and have ownership
    • “You will keep the ones you involve”
  • Creativity always trumps budget
    • Creativity matters no matter what size church you lead in
    • Incorporate music into everything
    • Use lots of visuals
Church Plant:
  • Ask the question “Why would they want to come back into the church?”
  • Same applicable principle: “You will keep the ones you involve”

Children's Ministry Online (with a church plant):

  • Amped up online presence
  • Recording LIVE to post online later
  • The Both/And (in-person and online)
    • Don't exclude either group
    • Consider those you currently serve (sick, elderly, unable to gather, etc.)
Links for Trisha's resources:

Action Items

  1. Get older kids/students involved
  2. Write down everything you would do (do what you can with what you have)
  3. Check out Trisha's books (links in Show Notes above)

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