In this episode, Will Hutcherson shares about his new book SEEN which focuses on helping broaden the conversation about the mental health of kids and students. Together with Dr. Chinwé Williams, this new resource sheds light on the newest statistics surrounding this topic and the current state of the next generation.

Will Hutcherson

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Episode Notes

Initial thoughts about mental health:
  • Limit the labels
  • A feeling of sadness does not equal depression
  • No one is immune to struggling with depression
    • This doesn't mean you don't have faith
  • Take steps toward health, just like you would for your heart or eyes
  • Connection is key — it has the ability to heal and influence the brain toward healing

How do we set up our ministries to be ministries of connection (to be seen)?

  • Consistent training – this must be a first priority
  • Showing up – being present (the ministry of presence)
  • Make sure they are SEEN – and see beyond the behavior (how they feel)
  • Listen (tell me more)
  • Speak life
  • Build up grit in the next generation
    ***Every kid is one caring adult away from success
Links for Trisha's resources:

Action Items

  1. Get the book and books – many of them
  2. Go through it with your team
  3. Make a plan to share this with parents

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