In this episode, Kristen Ivy, the new President of Orange, explores ideas about how to engage every parent everywhere. While this seems almost impossible, with some key thoughts and the use of technology, it is much more feasible than ever to connect, communicate, cue, and coach parents in our communities. For more info, check out the show notes and the replay of the Engage Every Parent Everywhere Webinar.

Kristen Ivy

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Episode Notes

What is new with Orange and ways to engage parents?
  • We must think about engaging in both physical and digital spaces
  • New updates to the Parent Cue App
    • Strong focus on helping parents have daily faith conversations
    • Integration and customization with individual churches
  • New ways to track metrics and data for logins/downloads from families
What would you recommend for church leaders and parents?
  • Think about the parent who doesn't come to your church yet
  • New marketing materials coming soon for parents both inside and outside the church walls
    • The hope is that it looks like your church created the app specifically for your community
  • Simplify by putting everything in one location
  • The app is not the ministry; it just exists as a tool to enhance your ministry
  • Think about your digital platform as a relational baseline for engagement
What about families who may never return to in-person gatherings (or only sporadically)?
  • What is your WHY for a family attending in-person?
  • Some have legitimate reasons for choosing NOT to attend an in-person gathering
  • Have more than one solution for how a parent/child can develop their faith

Action Items

  1. Watch the replay of the webinar HERE
  2. Check out
  3. Create a rollout plan and ongoing plan at your church

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