In this episode, Micheal Byrd shares about SignPresenter, a unique way to leverage digital signage for church ministry, and how it already integrates with some wonderful curriculum. This platform and strategy could help save hours of time each week within your ministry.

Micheal Byrd

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Episode Notes

Why digital signage?
  • It's already begin used for signage in so many places (restaurants, theatres, etc.)
  • Saves time
  • SignPresenter originally created using raspberry pie computer systems
  • Now it runs fully from Amazon Fire Sticks

How can it be used?

  • Not just used for complicated playlists
  • Runs curriculum
  • Runs playlists that are pre-built
  • It automatically updates
How does it work?
  • It's broken down by messages, playlists and screens
  • There are vertical and horizontal orientation options
  • Works with different curriculums

Action Items

  1. Check out
  2. Try one for digital signage
  3. Try one for curriculum

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