In this episode, my friend Phil Bell gives insight on how to develop a family ministry playbook for partnering with parents. After years within the local church and coaching ministry leaders, Phil has a unique perspective on how these principles can effectively change your family ministry.

Phil Bell

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Episode Notes

Why have an updated strategy to partner with parents?

  • Culture is changing around us (how families live and breathe and interact with the church)
  • The makeup of the families change
  • Parenting strategies/philosophies changes
  • Give updates in the context to improve specific examples

What’s your approach?

  • It starts with YOU
  • Evaluate what you’re doing
  • If God is working in you He can work through you
  • Get real honest and build on the foundation of authenticity as leaders — that is what people follow
What are some traps to avoid?
  • Focusing on pleasing people
  • Building platforms
  • Losing devotional lives
  • Unhealthy boundaries
  • Missing worship and not being fully present

Final Thoughts:

  • Listen intently… Listening is active
  • Ask the parent… What does it mean for us to partner with you?
  • Define what they need
  • Given your context, what is the best first step for you?
    • First step… Be captured by the vision of partnering parents

Action Items

  1. Get the book
  2. Gather a team to implement this with you – staff/vols/parents
  3. Talk with and listen to 1 parent this week

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