In this episode, Andrew Snead spends time unpacking his journey from youth into children's ministry and how his passions have aligned in both areas. Andrew also shares the key focuses of River Valley Kids and the importance they place on trying new things that involve kids!

Andrew Snead

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Episode Notes

Moving from Youth to Kids Ministry
  • Prompted from an honest conversation with God and with leadership
  • “My hands are open”
  • Old Testament examples:
    • Samuel, at the age of 8 years old, heard the audible voice of God
    • Josiah made king at the age of 8
  • There is no Jr. Holy Spirit
When did the passion for kids ministry begin?
  • Passions were congruent for both areas of ministry, but
    • Sometimes people equate our calling with our passion
    • Only God can define your calling
    • It's less about an age group or a position and more about helping light people on fire for Jesus
  • Focus on the eternal scope of your calling
Key Focuses at River Valley Kids
  • The Word of God
  • Know how to respond – “The Application for the Revelation”
  • Kingdom Builders (missional-minded)

The NEW Kid's Pastor
  • Youth Pastor – don't dismiss your influence on kid's ministry or say “It's not for me”
  • Churches are looking for people in kid's ministry who are:
    • Dynamic communicators (for all generations)
    • Organizational juggernauts

Action Items

  1. Get kids involved in the content (live or recorded)
  2. Build cross-functional teams with volunteers
  3. Consider your on-ramps and off-ramps for all events

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