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100 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

If you’re like me, you always feel grateful for every volunteer who serves in your ministry. We know we can’t do anything we do without them. They don’t serve for us and they don’t serve for our church. Ultimately, they serve to be a part of God’s mission to reach the world and use the gifts and talents he gave them in the process. While they don’t serve for us, we certainly want to show appreciation to them regularly.

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for creative ways to appreciate volunteers. I never feel like we do it enough. In some cases, we can spend some money and other times we have to get real creative. To help all of us, I put together a resource with 100 different ways we can appreciate volunteers. Just fill out the form below and you’ll get an email with the PDF resource.

100 Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

What has been your best appreciation idea recently (comment below)?

  • Kim Igoe

    Our Christmas Appreciation dinner. We had a movie theme, rented a Red Carpet, had our pastor and elders valet park the SGLs cars, played movie trivia games, gave everyone Red Box gift cards-everyone loved it!

    • We just did Red Box gift cards too! That’s awesome.

  • Amanda

    Appreciation mornings by offering themed breakfast bars before service to our amazing volunteers (waffle bar). Volunteer dinner with a downloaded YouTube video of a comedian for entertainment.

  • Kerri Edger

    We had a Hoe Down for our volunteer appreciation night. We decorated rustic, served BBQ and hired a square dance caller. We collected quotes from people beforehand about how someone’s service in the church has impacted them. Then we printed them on individual cards that we placed all around on the tables. It was a great night!

    • That’s awesome! And who doesn’t love BBQ?

    • Ethan N Nancy Merrell

      That is a fantastic idea!!