Orange is an organization and it's a strategy, and that organization provides curriculum based on that strategy. Our church has used Orange since we started almost 10 years ago. The Orange Conference is one of my favorite experiences each year as thousands of family ministry leaders gather to learn, connect and grow together.

9 Ways Orange Curriculum Helps Beyond Sunday

  1. Resources for parents
    Orange provides tons of resources for parents so they are aware of what their kids are learning and can continue those conversations at home. Resources include summaries of what kids learned that day, simple devotionals kids can do at home, a website with helpful articles, and an app for parents where all of this can be accessed on their device.
  2. Social media to remind parents throughout the week
    Church leaders are given prepared updates to post on social media to remind parents throughout the week to lead their kids at home.
  3. Orange strategy is based on a partnership between church and family
    Orange helps beyond Sunday because it acknowledges the parent's role as the primary spiritual leaders of their children. The strategy is built around not only maximizing the time a church has with a child, but also the time a parent has with their child, which is far greater.
  4. Simple ways to train leaders mid-week
    Training content is provided to church leaders to pass on to their volunteers. By sharing simple content throughout the week leaders can get better.
  5. Part of the Orange strategy is to lead small
    Lead small is a simple phrase expressing the belief that the best place for every kid and student to be in order to grow their faith is a small group. Real small groups with consistent leaders and authentic connections spill over into every day life. What happens on Sunday can continue into the week through the relationships that exist in small group.
  6. Age-appropriate teaching so kids and students can apply it to their life
    Orange understands that kids and students need to learn from the bible the teachings that are most appropriate and most important to their phase of life. By making the teaching age-appropriate there is a far greater chance of kids and students absorbing it and applying it to their life during the week. We just heard a story last week of an elementary kid who has been showing initiative for the first time, something she learned through Orange curriculum at our church.
  7. Resources for kids and students to connect with God beyond Sunday
    Orange provides resources for kids and students to help them grow their faith beyond Sunday. Resources like devotionals for kids and students.
  8. Books and other resources to help leaders grow 
    Orange offers books and tons of other content, events and training for ministry leaders to use in helping them grow.
  9. Music that connects with kids and helps them worship God outside of Sunday
    Parents can get music for their children to listen to at home. Music they can worship God to and music that helps them learn more about God.

There are actually more ways than just those 9 in which Orange helps churches and church leaders ensure that what is done on Sunday shows up on Monday in the lives of parents and kids. If you have never been to the Orange Conference, be sure to come in 2016 and here more about this topic. Check out the 2015 recap video below.